Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi everybody! This week has not been very busy for me, so I have no excuses as to why I haven't posted...I need to discipline myself more! So, today the sun was SO BRIGHT! Half of the pictures I took I was squinting so badly that it looked like my eyes were closed. BUT- this dress was an awesome purchase that I made at Grove City (AE- $7 <WHAAAT!) and I was just itching for a chance to wear it! Also in my opinion, every single woman needs a good denim jacket. The love that I have for this jacket is like the love for those jeans that fit so perfectly you never want to take them off...and pretty much every denim item in my closet is from the Gap. They just do denim so well. And what adds a little bit of spice to a boring jacket and sundress combo? Cowboy. Boots. What could possibly be a more fun shoe choice?

The blue has returned! And this blue is a newer one in my collection, and let me just say- I adore it! I'm a sucker for a really beautiful dusty navy. Mmm! The print on my pointer and middle fingers is called Ikat, and if you'd like a really good tutorial on how to do it you can click right here! And I really have been digging the pointer and middle fingers as accents because sometimes I'm too lazy to do allll of my fingers...haha.

Nail Colors: First Mate-China Glaze, Green With Envy-Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Make Mine Mango-Revlon, Paper Mache-Finger Paints

Dress: American Eagle
Jacket: Gap
Boots: Old Navy
Necklace: homemade (kind of a staple)
Watch: Charlotte Russe

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