Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Helplessness Blues

Well, hi everybody! I am in fact, not dead... Even though I haven't posted on here in almost a month (oh my gosh I didn't even realize it was that long and now I feel terrible). I wish I had better excuses as to why I didn't post, but really I spent most of my time working or on Netflix watching LOST. But people started hassling me to post again (and by people I mean Dave), so voila, I am back! :) I really really love the outfit I have on today. These heels, while very painful and terribly hard to walk in, make me feel like I can conquer the world and look pretty cute doing it too. Also, recently I have rekindled my love for watches. I have about 5 or 6 new ones now, so you'll probably be seeing a lot more of them! Oh, and that fun machine I'm sitting on in some of my pictures is a cement mixer, and that's at our house because my dad is building a brand new deck and pizza oven in our backyard, mmm! I can't wait until it's finished. That's about all thats going on in my life right enjoy!

Also- in this post I'm gonna start kind of a new segment with my current craft/diy projects! So when I am too lazy to do my nails am finished with something I've made I'll post on here and kind of explain the process!
So this is just a cheap picture frame I bought from Michael's and dressed up with a little Modge Podge and fabric. It's super easy to do and I think really makes this frame stand out in my room. You pretty much just paint Modge Podge on in little sections and then adhere the fabric to it, making sure to pull it tightly over the edges to secure it. To top it off I just tied an old scrap of lace ribbon I had around the middle. :)
This project was a litttle more difficult. You need a picture printed off of a laser printer, Modge Podge, a damp washcloth, and A LOT of patience. Essentially what you do is cut out the picture, paint it all over with Modge Podge (make sure to get the corners really well!) and then adhere it to a piece of wood (I've also done this method on t-shirts). Let it sit overnight, and come back ready to put in some elbow grease. Lay a damp washcloth over the picture and let it soak until you can faintly see the picture through the paper. Then you have to rub off all of the took me about an hour and a half to get it all off. But don't lose heart! I think the end result is worth all the hard work and sore fingers. I also distressed the edges a little bit to give it a more rustic feel. :) 

Top: Charlotte Russe
Jeggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Sassy Peacock
Watch: dots

Well, there you go! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but I hope all these new shenanigans make up for it! Have an awesome day, and thanks for reading!

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